1.  Will my documents be secure?
  2.  How will TDB Imaging save me money?


One of the best benefits of a digital document imaging system is that all your data is stored in our redundant storage systems. This allows us to manage the servers and backups for you, removing the hassle and expense of a traditional imaging system that requires you to manage an internal server and backups. For added protection, all data is replicated to a secondary physical location to protect against catastrophic events, offering you safer storage than physical files at your office -- with the added benefit of greater accessibility!

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In business, time is money. Typical time to file a document, or retrieve that document and re-file can take up to 3 or 4 minutes -- time that could be spent building your business. With online document imaging, your information is at your fingertips, taking only seconds to file or re-file. Added up over a year, these cost savings can be a difference of thousands of dollars. Plus, with no physical storage needed, you can get rid of those space-hogging filing cabinets!

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